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Discover New Worlds with AI Dungeon Prompt Ideas

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By Abu Bakar

AI Dungeon is an AI-powered storytelling game that uses AI algorithms to build the story of the game according to the provided prompt by the user. It was released in May 2019 and in 2020 its AI model was updated.

What is AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is an adventure game that has many different settings that the user can select according to his wish.

You can convert your imagination into a visual form using this powerful game. It uses AI to build the story of the game according to the provided prompt.

Current Model of AI

ChatGPT 2 was used in the first version of this game which was launched in 2019.

In 2020 the AI model was updated to ChatGPt 3. Currently, the premium version of AI Dungeon uses ChatGPT 3. The free version of the game uses basic-level ChatGPT 3.

Single and Multiplayer Mode

You can play this game in single-player and multiplayer modes.

In single-player mode, the story is narrated in the second-person point of view while in multiplayer mode the story is narrated in third person point of view. 

You will have to buy the premium version of the game to play it with your friends or other players. 

Supported Devices 

This game is available for both computer and mobile. You can play this game on this game on the official website of the game or download the game on your mobile phone from the app store of your phone. It is supported on both iOS and Android devices

How to Play AI Dungeon

Steps to play the AI Dungeon game are given below

Sign Up

After downloading the game on your device you will have to sign up first in order to play the game. On Windows, you will have to sign up on the official website to play the game.

Start the Game 

After completing the sign-up process you can click on the “Start New Game” button on your screen and the process to start the game will begin. You can select the further option after this.

Select the World & Scenario 

After this, you can select the world in which you want to set up your story. The world is the surroundings of the game in which the story is set up. The game also gives you the option to select the scenario of the game.

Provide Prompt

A prompt is the most important thing to play this game according to your imagination. There are many factors that you will have to keep in mind if you want to play this game without any difficulty. Provide a good prompt that thoroughly describes your imagination.

Single or Multiplayer Selection

You can select the option between single or multiplayer mode according to your need. Although the multiplayer option is not free you will have to buy the premium version of the game.

Start & Interact 

After this start the game and then you can interact with the game using Do, Say, Story mode according to your need.

Steps to Play the AI Dungeon Game

Interaction Method Used in the Game

Users can interact with the game using four different ways as interaction is the most important. The ways are given below:

Do:  This method of interaction must be followed by a verb. This method should convey the message of an action that needs to be performed. The player will react according to the action prompt provided in most cases.

Say: The player will say the dialogues that are provided by the user in the prompt bar. This method is used for the player’s interaction with other characters in the game.

Story: This method is used to describe the story that you want to portray. You can describe the events that are supposed to happen in the story.

Interaction Method Used in the Game

What Are Prompts and Why Are They Important?

A prompt is a text that sets the initial situation for your adventure in AI Dungeon. It can include information about the world, the characters, the plot, the goals, and the tone of the story. A prompt is like a seed that grows into a tree of possibilities with the help of AI.

Prompts are important because they influence how the AI responds to your inputs, and how the story unfolds.

A good prompt can make your adventure more immersive, engaging, and coherent. A bad prompt can make your adventure confusing, boring, or nonsensical.

How to Write a Good Prompt?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different players might have different preferences and expectations for their AI Dungeon adventures. However, here are some general guidelines that might help you write a good prompt:

Be Original

Try to come up with your own ideas or put your twist on existing ones. Don’t just copy or reuse prompts from other sources, as they might not work well with the game or match your style.

Use your creativity and imagination to create something unique and interesting.

Be Specific

Try to include enough details and information in your prompt to set the scene and establish the tone and mood of your story. Avoid vague or ambiguous terms that might confuse the game or lead to unwanted outcomes. 

Use names, dates, locations, descriptions, motivations, etc. to make your prompt more concrete and realistic.

Be Consistent

Try to maintain a logical and coherent flow in your prompt. Avoid contradictions, paradoxes, anachronisms, or errors that might break the immersion or cause problems for the game. 

Make sure that your prompt matches the genre and setting that you choose and that it follows the rules and logic of your world.

Be Concise

Try to keep your prompt short and simple. Don’t overload it with too much information or complexity that might overwhelm the game or yourself. Use clear and direct language that is easy to read and understand. 

Remember that you can always add more details or explanations later in the game using memory or world info.

Be Flexible

Try to leave some room for improvisation and variation in your prompt. Don’t make it too rigid or restrictive that it limits your choices or prevents you from exploring different paths or outcomes.

Be open-minded and curious about what the game might generate based on your prompt, and be ready to adapt and react accordingly.

Some General Guidelines to Help You Write a Good Prompt

Examples of Prompts

Here are some examples of prompts that you can use or modify for your own AI Dungeon adventures. Feel free to experiment with different genres, settings, characters, situations, etc. You can also use tools like graphic_art) or search_web) to get more inspiration or ideas.


You are Elora, an elven ranger living in the forest of Lorian. You have a bow and arrow, a dagger, and a loyal wolf companion named Fang. You are on a quest to find the ancient ruins of Elarion, where legend says there is a hidden portal to another world. 

You hope to discover new wonders and secrets in this mysterious place.


Find the ruins of Elarion

Explore the portal

Survive the dangers of the other world


You are Detective James Carter, a private investigator in New York City. You have a revolver, a notebook, and a knack for solving cases. You are hired by a wealthy businessman named Mr. Smith, who suspects that his wife is cheating on him. 

He wants you to follow her and find out the truth.


Follow Mrs. Smith

Gather evidence of her affair

Confront her and her lover


You are Neo, a hacker and rebel living in the dystopian megacity of Neo-Tokyo. You have a cyberdeck, a pistol, and a secret identity. You are part of an underground group called the Resistance, who fight against the oppressive regime of the Corporation. 

You are contacted by a mysterious hacker named Trinity, who tells you that you are the chosen one and that you have to hack into the Corporation’s mainframe and expose their secrets.


Meet Trinity

Hack into the Corporation’s mainframe

Escape from the Corporation’s agents


You are Alex, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. You have a shotgun, a backpack, and a radio. You are part of a small community of survivors who live in an abandoned mall. You are in charge of scavenging supplies and weapons in the city. 

You hear a distress call from another survivor who is trapped in a nearby building. You decide to help them.


Find the survivor

Rescue them from the zombies

Bring them back to the mall

Here are some more tips and examples of prompts for AI Dungeon:

How to Use Memory and World Info

Memory and world info are two features that allow you to store and recall information in AI Dungeon. Memory is a text box that you can use to write notes or reminders for yourself or the game. 

World info is a list of entries that you can use to define keywords and descriptions for your world. Both memory and world info can help you enhance your prompt and your story by providing more details, consistency, and immersion.

To use memory, you can type /remember followed by the text that you want to store in the memory.

For example, /remember You have a scar on your left cheek. You can also edit the memory directly by clicking on the memory icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

The game will try to remember and use the information in the memory when generating responses. To use World Info, you can click on the World Info icon on the top right corner of the screen and add new entries or edit existing ones. 

Each entry consists of a keyword and a description. The keyword is a word or phrase that you want the game to recognize and associate with the description. The description is a text that explains or defines the keyword. 

For example, if you want to create a world info entry for a character named Alice, you can use Alice as the keyword and write something like Alice is your best friend and a skilled hacker as the description. 

The game will try to use the information in the world info when generating responses that involve the keyword. Here are some examples of how to use memory and world info in different genres:


Memory: /remember You are a prince of the kingdom of Valyria. You have a sword named Lightbringer, which is said to be forged by the gods. You are on a quest to slay the dragon that terrorizes the land.

World info:

Keyword: Valyria

Description: Valyria is a prosperous and powerful kingdom that lies in the south of the continent. It is ruled by King Arthur, your father, who is a wise and benevolent monarch.

Keyword: Lightbringer

Description: Lightbringer is a legendary sword that was given to your family by the gods. It has a golden hilt and a blade that shines like the sun. It is said to have the power to cut through any material and harm any creature.

Keyword: dragon

Description: The dragon is a fearsome beast that lives in the mountains north of Valyria. It has scales of black and red, wings of fire, and eyes of malice. It breathes flames that can melt stone and steel. It has been raiding villages and towns for years, killing and devouring people and animals.


Memory: /remember You are a journalist working for the Daily News. You have a camera, a recorder, and a press badge. You are investigating a series of murders that are linked to a cult called The Order of the Crimson Eye.

World info:

Keyword: Daily News

Description: The Daily News is a popular newspaper in New York City. It covers local and national news, sports, entertainment, and more. It is known for its investigative journalism and its sensational headlines.

Keyword: The Order of the Crimson Eye

Description: The Order of the Crimson Eye is a secret cult that worships an ancient evil entity known as The Crimson Eye. They believe that by sacrificing innocent people, they can summon The Crimson Eye and gain its power and favor. They wear masks and robes of crimson color and leave a bloody eye symbol at their crime scenes.

Keyword: The Crimson Eye

Description: The Crimson Eye is an ancient evil entity that exists beyond time and space. It is said to be the source of all evil and corruption in the world. It manifests itself as a giant eye of blood-red color that can see everything and influence anyone. It seeks to destroy all life and create a new world in its image.


Memory: /remember You are a cyborg mercenary working for a corporation called CyberCorp. You have a cybernetic arm, a laser rifle, and an implant that allows you to interface with computers. 

You are on a mission to infiltrate a rival corporation’s headquarters and steal their data.

World info:

Keyword: CyberCorp

Description: CyberCorp is one of the largest and most influential corporations in Neo-Tokyo. It specializes in cybernetics, biotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. It has a loyal army of cyborgs, drones, and hackers that protect its interests and assets.

Keyword: cybernetics

Description: Cybernetics is the science of enhancing or replacing human body parts with mechanical or electronic devices. It can improve physical abilities, such as strength, speed, agility, or senses, or provide new functions, such as weapons, tools, or interfaces.

Keyword: Neo-Tokyo

Description: Neo-Tokyo is the capital and largest city of Japan. It is a sprawling metropolis that combines high-tech skyscrapers, neon lights, and holograms with traditional temples, gardens, and markets. It is a hub of culture, commerce, and crime, where the rich and powerful live in luxury and the poor and oppressed struggle to survive.


Memory: /remember You are a doctor working for a humanitarian organization called Medix. You have a medical kit, a pistol, and a radio. You are in a remote village in Africa, where a zombie outbreak has occurred. 

You are trying to find and help survivors while avoiding the zombies.

World info:

Keyword: Medix

Description: Medix is a humanitarian organization that provides medical aid and assistance to people in need around the world. It has branches and volunteers in various countries and regions, especially those affected by war, poverty, or disease.

Keyword: zombies

Description: Zombies are reanimated corpses that have been infected by a virus that causes them to lose their humanity and intelligence. They are driven by a primal hunger for flesh and blood and will attack any living being they encounter. They can only be killed by destroying their brains or burning their bodies.

Keyword: virus

Description: The virus is a mysterious and deadly pathogen that causes the zombie outbreak. It is transmitted through bites or scratches from infected zombies, or through contact with their blood or fluids. It has no known cure or vaccine and kills its hosts within hours or days. It is rumored to be a biological weapon created by a rogue state or group.

How to Create & Discover New Worlds

You can create and discover new worlds using customized prompts and by doing some simple settings. The Steps to create new worlds are given below

Go to the My Stuff Page

To create a new world go to the My Stuff page in the game from the Left sidebar.

Click on “Create World”

After this, you can click on the Create World option to create your own world. When you will click on Create World the game will take you to the world builder page that has an empty world.

You can make changes in the world according to your requirements.

Start Building 

Now you can start building your own world by describing the world in the prompt bar of the game and AI will build the world according to your provided data.

Save the World

In AI Dungeon you will have to save the world that you have created manually before exiting the game because the automatic save option is not available. To save the world you will have to go on to the summary screen and click on the save icon.

Steps to Create and Discover New World

How to Use Placeholders and Variables in Prompts

Placeholders and variables are special symbols that allow you to customize your prompts with user inputs or random values. They work by prompting the user for any text between ${ and }, then replacing the placeholder or variable with the user input or random value. For example

If your prompt is: You are the,a{Enter your profession…} living in ${Enter a city…}.

Then the user will be shown: Enter your character’s name… Enter your profession… Enter a city…

And if they entered Alice, doctor, and London, then the prompt would become: You are Alice, a doctor living in London.

You can also use variables to generate random values from predefined lists or ranges. For example, if your prompt is: You are the,a{profession:pirate|ninja|cowboy} living in ${city:New York|Tokyo|Paris}.

Then the user will be shown: Enter your character’s name…

And if they entered Bob, then the prompt would randomly choose one of the options from each list, such as: You are Bob, a ninja living in Paris.

You can also use ranges to generate random numbers within certain limits. For example, if your prompt is: You have ${gold:10-100} gold coins in your pouch.

Then the prompt would randomly choose a number between 10 and 100, such as: You have 42 gold coins in your pouch.

You can use placeholders and variables to make your prompts more interactive, dynamic, and diverse. They can also help you avoid repetition or boredom.

Worlds Available to Explore

The following worlds are available for the user to explore, some of the worlds are free and some are paid.

Free Worlds

Xaxas: Land of Unity

Xaxas is a realm that epitomizes harmony and prosperity, where diverse races coexist seamlessly. Within its borders, humans, gnomes, elves, ogres, and halflings thrive together, building a society marked by cooperation and innovation. 

Gnomes contribute their mechanical prowess alongside humans, while elves oversee centers of learning that draw people seeking knowledge. The unusual camaraderie between ogres and other races exemplifies the unity that characterizes Xaxas. 

However, beneath this veneer of peace, unsettling challenges lurk, threatening to disturb the harmony that defines the realm.

Kedar: Battle for Dominance

The world of Kedar presents an ongoing clash among dragons, demons, and monstrous beings, casting a perpetual shadow over the human kingdoms. Amidst this strife, the human realms endure a constant struggle for survival, uniting to face the relentless onslaught of dark forces.

These resilient humans are gradually amassing their strength, assembling an army to confront the malevolent entities and reclaim their besieged world. Kedar’s landscape is marked by turmoil, a battleground where dominance hangs in the balance.

Winterbloom: Seasonal Celebrations

In Winterbloom, a perpetual wonderland of joy and festivity envelops the land. A symphony of delightful aromas emanates from freshly baked pies and hot cocoa. People dress in themed attire, embarking on a continuous celebration filled with merrymaking and laughter. 

Themed parties and stores create an enchanting atmosphere where imagination knows no bounds. Colorful lights and decorations adorn homes, and the air is alive with the spirit of camaraderie as friends and neighbors gather for games, feasts, and endless fun.

Kringle: Santa’s Conquest

Kringle offers a unique twist on the traditional tales of Santa Claus. This world reveals Santa’s calculated ambition to seize control of the North Pole and extend his dominion. 

Once Santa and his eclectic army established their rule over the North Pole, they set their sights on a grander conquest, encompassing the entire Kringle realm. 

As players, you face a pivotal decision: lend your support to Santa’s expanding reign or stand with the determined elves in their defiance, resisting the ambitious takeover.

Paid Worlds

Gorgon: Realm of Undead

Gorgon unfolds as a nightmarish realm dominated by the undead. Flesh-eating ghouls run rampant, and the very fabric of existence trembles in their wake. Humanity’s survival hangs in the balance as these malevolent forces cast a shadow over the land. 

Amidst this desolation, players navigate treacherous terrain, their choices determining the fate of the living as they confront the unrelenting hordes of the undead.

Toranis: Magic and Machines

The world of Toranis offers a captivating fusion of magic and technology, where warring factions vie for supremacy. Dwarves and elves clash against a backdrop of mechanized cities crafted by industrious gnomes. 

Amidst this tension, humans emerge as newcomers, thrust into a world rich with magic and innovation. Toranis’ landscape is a testament to the juxtaposition of traditional practices and cutting-edge advancements.

Alarathos: Embrace the Darkness

Alarathos shrouds itself in mystery and terror, a world filled with unimaginable horrors and dark forces. Yet, hidden within this malevolent realm lies a paradoxical promise: the deeper one delves into its abyss, the greater the power that can be harnessed. 

Players embarking on this journey tread a perilous path, as they navigate the fine line between confronting their deepest fears and embracing newfound strength.

Besatheus: Echoes of Civilization

The world of Besatheus reveals the echoes of civilizations long past, where remnants of greatness lie scattered amidst ruins and relics. 

In this realm, the struggle between magic and science takes center stage, as ancient cities now stand as testaments to the former glory of mighty clans. Heroes rise from the remnants, driven by the need to restore the splendor of a bygone era and safeguard the legacy that remains.

Prompt Ideas

For custom prompts, consider composing longer content than the default options in genres like fantasy or cyberpunk.

Defaults may include hidden text to guide the setting. If a default prompt involves named characters in specific actions, more input may be needed to redirect the AI.

Sentence structure shapes AI output to resemble input. I favor complex sentences for nuanced ideas. AI isn’t childlike; clusters of related, specialized words matter for the GPT algorithm. Assuming you refer to custom prompts, not the game starts. 

Clear grammar aids AI understanding. Define protagonist and location. Share history, items, and abilities. Leave a sentence unfinished for AI’s creative event.

Idea 1

In the realm of Larion, you assume the role of ${character. name}, a skilled necromancer with a penchant for controlling the spirits of the departed. Your trusted wand serves as a conduit for your powers, allowing you to summon ghosts and raise the dead to do your bidding.

Amidst the quiet ambiance of a cemetery, your purpose becomes clear as you scour the grounds for a suitable cadaver to reanimate. As moonlight casts eerie shadows, you stumble upon an unexpected sight, filling you with a mixture of intrigue and trepidation.

Idea 2

Allow players to shape the story using ${…}. Beyond ${character. name}, they can use it like Mad Libs, inserting their choices. They can answer questions like their name, role (warrior, mage, etc.), weapon, gender, species, and more.

Introducing ${character. name}, an intrepid ${Warrior, mage, or rogue?} who wields a formidable ${What weapon do you use?}. Embarking as a daring adventurer, you journey through the enchanting realms of ${What is the name of the fantasy world you live in?}.

Now, as you tread the corridors of an age-old dungeon, a striking sight catches your eye.


AI Dungeon is a game that allows you to create and discover new worlds with prompt ideas. You can use prompts to shape your adventure, learn new things, tell stories, have fun, and more.

You can also use prompts to explore different genres and themes, such as fantasy, mystery, apocalyptic, zombies, cyberpunk, etc. You can also use prompts to interact with the game in different ways, such as do, say, story, or world info. 

You can also use prompts to find and use existing prompts from the community, or to share your prompts with others. AI Dungeon is a game that uses AI to generate infinite possibilities for adventure. It is a game that challenges your imagination, creativity, and curiosity. 

It is a game that lets you experience the power and potential of AI. It is a game that lets you discover new worlds with prompt ideas.

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