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March 1, 2024

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Innovating imagination with AI. Explore limitless creativity.
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Midjourney is an independent research lab passionately dedicated to advancing the imaginative powers of the human species with Midjourney prompts.

Boasting a team of 11 full-time staff alongside a remarkable set of advisors, legal and financial counsel, and Discord moderators and guides, Midjourney stands as a beacon of innovation in its field.

With a core focus on design, human infrastructure, and AI, Midjourney’s research and engineering team tirelessly endeavors to empower individuals to explore new mediums of thought.

Notably, the executive lineup features luminaries such as David Holz, renowned for his founding role at Leap Motion and his tenure as a researcher at NASA and the Max Planck Institute.

Furthermore, the advisory board includes heavyweights like Jim Keller, celebrated for his pivotal roles at Apple, AMD, Tesla, and Intel, as well as being the coauthor of X86-64 and CTOTenstorrent.

Additionally, Philip Rosedale, the visionary founder of Second Life and CTO at RealNetworks, lends his expertise to the team’s endeavors.

Midjourney’s portfolio encompasses a diverse array of creative projects, spanning from realistic cityscapes to abstract art, virtual reality experiences to 3D renditions of landscapes, and cyberpunk scenes to timeless classics.

Continuously at the forefront of AI innovation, Midjourney consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable, crafting beautiful, powerful, and imaginative works that captivate, inspire, and evoke a sense of awe.


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Pros & Cons


👍Independent research lab.
👍Large diverse team.
👍Renowned executives/advisors.
👍Multiple creative projects.
👍Abstract to realistic imagery.
👍Generates 3D renders.
👍Explore imaginative thinking.
👍Expands human creativity.
👍Supports realistic representation.
👍Specializes in unique designs.
👍Promotes human infrastructure.
👍Creates VR experiences.
👍Generates classic art.
👍Designs cyberpunk scenes.
👍Advances technological boundaries.
👍Community support (Discord).
👍Beta availability.
👍Detailed documentation.
👍Robust Gallery.
👍Community Showcase.
👍Multifunctional application (artwork, Infrastructure, VR).
👍Career opportunities.
👍Broad creative spectrum.
👍Support for multiple styles.
👍Innovative experimentation.


👎Not Open Source.
👎Small team size.
👎Relies heavily on Discord.
👎Lacks diversified hierarchy.
👎No clear product definition.
👎No dedicated customer support.
👎No evident API.
👎Research heavy, product unclear.
👎No clear mobile support.
👎Limited information on interoperability.


What sets Midjourney apart from other research labs?

Midjourney stands out for its fusion of imaginative exploration with cutting-edge AI and design expertise.

Can individuals outside the lab collaborate on projects with Midjourney?

Yes, Midjourney welcomes collaboration opportunities with external partners and creators who share their vision.

How does Midjourney leverage Discord moderators and guides in their work?

Discord moderators and guides assist in community engagement, fostering discussions, and providing support for Midjourneys projects and initiatives.

What types of creative projects does Midjourney undertake?

Midjourneys portfolio spans from realistic cityscapes to abstract art, virtual reality experiences, 3D renders, and cyberpunk scenes.

Who are some notable figures in Midjourneys leadership and advisory team?

Leaders like David Holz, Jim Keller, and Philip Rosedale bring invaluable experience and vision to Midjourneys endeavors.

How does Midjourney use AI tools in its projects?

Midjourney harnesses AI tools to push the boundaries of creativity, crafting awe-inspiring and innovative works across various mediums.

Are there opportunities for artists and creators to join Midjourneys team?

Midjourney occasionally seeks talented individuals to join their team, particularly those with a passion for innovation and creativity.

What inspires Midjourneys team in their pursuit of imaginative exploration?

Midjourneys team finds inspiration in pushing the limits of whats possible with technology, fostering creativity, and envisioning new worlds.

How does Midjourney engage with its audience and community?

Midjourney fosters a vibrant community through various channels, including Discord, social media platforms, and public exhibitions of their work.

Can individuals access Midjourneys projects and creations?

Yes, many of Midjourneys projects are accessible to the public through online platforms, exhibitions, and collaborative endeavors.

What are some recent milestones achieved by Midjourney?

Midjourney has recently unveiled groundbreaking AI-powered artworks, immersive virtual reality experiences, and innovative design solutions.

How does Midjourney balance artistic expression with technological innovation?

Midjourneys approach intertwines artistic expression with cutting-edge technology, resulting in unique and compelling creations that push boundaries.

Can Midjourneys projects be utilized for educational purposes?

Yes, Midjourneys projects hold educational value and can serve as engaging tools for exploring art, technology, and creativity.

What role does experimentation play in Midjourneys creative process?

Experimentation is central to Midjourneys creative process, driving innovation, discovery, and the exploration of new possibilities.

Does Midjourney offer internships or mentorship programs?

While not always available, Midjourney occasionally offers internship opportunities and mentorship programs for aspiring creatives and technologists.

How does Midjourney stay at the forefront of AI and design advancements?

Midjourneys team maintains a proactive approach to learning, research, and collaboration, staying abreast of the latest developments in AI and design.

Can Midjourneys projects be customized or tailored for specific purposes?

Yes, Midjourney collaborates with partners to tailor their projects for various applications, from artistic installations to commercial ventures.

What impact does Midjourney aim to have on society through its work?

Midjourney seeks to inspire and empower individuals, spark imagination, and contribute to the evolution of art, technology, and human expression.

How does Midjourney foster diversity and inclusion within its team and projects?

Midjourney values diversity and actively seeks perspectives from individuals of diverse backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment.

Can individuals support Midjourneys endeavors or contribute to its projects?

Yes, individuals can support Midjourney through various means, including donations, partnerships, and participation in collaborative initiatives.


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